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For many years Kingsgrove High School has implemented a creative Gifted and Talented (GAT) program to cater for the needs of students with higher order thinking capabilities.

Gifted students have specific learning needs that may require adjustments to the pace, level and content of the curriculum. Differentiated educational opportunities assist in meeting the needs of gifted students.

Our program structure reflects the need to cater for Stage 4 students who identify as gifted and talented in only one or two key learning areas. To enable this, all students who are identified as meeting our gifted and talented criteria will be grouped into one of two classes, these two classes will move together on the timetable, however, only one of these classes will operate as a GAT class in any subject area.

Head Teachers of each subject will determine the most suitable students from this group and form a GAT class specific to the knowledge, skills and understandings required in that particular subject. This flexibility enables students who excel in, for example, one or two subjects to be selected in the GAT class for those subjects whilst allowing changes to be made to the class for another subject. It's possible, of course, for students to be selected in the GAT class for all subjects.

At Kingsgrove High School, each core subject (English, mathematics, science, geography, history and PDHPE) has Stage 4 and Stage 5 programs that incorporate curriculum strategies such as differentiation and compacting to cater for the needs and characteristics of gifted students.

Additional Features

Project Based Learning - our GAT curriculum for Year 7 students will include a dedicated twice weekly, project based learning component. In this environment, students will enhance their 21st Century learning skills as they complete projects that have as there basis a real-world issue.

Competitions - All students accepted into the GAT program are expected to enter curriculum based competitions. These help to enhance student capabilities in critical and creative thinking, literacy and numeracy skills and provide valuable feedback to students.

Excursions - As a member of the GAT program, students are offered the opportunity to learn beyond the classroom by participating in excursions related to the GAT program.