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Student information

Enrolling at school

Schools are NOT permitted to process your application. DEC International is the main organisation that links you to the educational institution you need and immigration. 

Information about enrolment and management of international students can be found at the DEC International website.

What to do and what to bring

After completing all other parts of your enrolment process, you will be interviewed by the school before you enrol. On the day you are interviewed for your enrolment:

  • You must attend your interview WITH your legally nominated guardian even if you are over 18.
  • You must bring your passport, your visa and your health insurance card/ letter with ID number.
  • You should bring any IEC reports (if available) and any other reports translated into English.
  • Your guardian must bring his/her passport and drivers licence with correct address.

If you do not attend your interview with the correct documents and your guardian – DEC International may be contacted and your place may not be kept. 

Accomodation and welfare

  • International students in years 7 and 8 MUST live with an approved relative at all times. 
  • International students in years 9 and 12 MAY live a parent, approved relative or in a homestay. 
  • If you are 18 and over and you choose to live on you own, you must still have an emergency contact person. Your emergency contact must be OVER 21 years old and be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident. 
  • If you change your homestay or guardian, you must have parental approval and DEC International approval.
  • If you change address, either with or without your guardian, you must INFORM the school by completing a “Change of Address” form. 


Attendance is a minimum of 80% for each term. If you do not meet this, you may be reported to DIAC and your visa may be cancelled. Lateness and/or early leave can cause your attendance percentage to drop. 

If you are absent for:

  • less than 3 days:
    then you need to bring in a 'guardian signed note' to the school explaining your absence.
  • more than 3 days:
    then you must bring in and supply a 'medical certificate' to the school from a registered practitioner.
  • more than 5 days:
    your guardians, parents, DEC International and/or appropriate consulate may be notified by the school as you will be deemed as “missing”.


You are required to meet course outcomes across ALL subjects. This includes completing all class work, homework and assessments. You must follow school and Board of Studies policies. 

If you do not complete work, fail to submit or sit for assessments, you can be N-Awarded (non-completion letter) AND an  ‘Intention to Report’ letter may be filed with DEC International and immigration.  

Make sure you speak to your teacher if you are unclear about a task. 

Essential information for students:

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