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Student testimonials

Read what some of our international have to say about studying at Kingsgrove High

'My school has lived up to my expectations. Teachers help me to achieve my personal goals and are very helpful. Many benefits are provided to International Students and we can concentrate on our studies without worries'.                                                                                                                                                                                                Jeffrey – China

'I enjoy being at this school. My teachers communicate well with students and they are very approachable, helpful and friendly. The school provides extra-curricular programs for International Students and I am looking forward to an excursion to Melbourne soon'.
Ben – China

'There are many overseas students in this school who made me feel at home. We have become good friends and study together, spend time together and help each other. My school has lived up to my expectations, teachers here are good as they help us to achieve a high HSC mark'.
Zack – China

'My school has lived up to my expectations. The teachers are very responsible and the school provides a good environment for me to study. My school life is the thing I will most remember about my school here in New South Wales'.
Vincent – China

'My school has lived up to my expectations. I enjoy being at this school very much. My teachers are very kind and friendly and help me a lot when I get into difficulties in my studies. There are lots of benefits provided to out International Students so that we can concentrate on our studies and do well in our assessment tasks. The school also provides tutorial lessons for International Students to give us extra help and improve our English very well'.
Felicity – China

'The thing I remember most about the school is the people here, all the school staff, teachers and friends. They are very friendly and always help me when I need help. I remember the first day I went to school. Some students didn't mind to spend their time to guide me to all the places in the school. They showed me everything'.
Adrian – Vietnam

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